Eustace Calls on Government to make Technical not Political Decisions


Member of Parliament for East Kingstown, Arnhim Eustace, is calling on the government to make technical, and not political decisions, in handling the affairs of this nation.

Eustace made this statement, whilst speaking on the NDP’s New Times Program on Nice Radio yesterday, as he highlighted issues of concern in SVG.

Speaking in relation to the issue of “pensions” Eustace said currently, the pensions of civil servants,  continue to grow in size, without contributions from employees, a situation which he says could lead to disaster.

Speaking in relation to the general economy, the mp for East Kingstown, utilized the example of the Erskine Sandiford led government in Barbados, who made an economic decision, which cost the government at the time, political points, but however saved the barbadian economy.

He said that a similar decision he said maybe needed here.

The economist also expressed disappointment with the execution of the 2017 national christmas lighting up competition and blamed partisan politics for its demise in standards.

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