Law Allows for Involuntary Psychiatric Evaluation, According to PM


While not speaking directly on the case involving Yugge Farrell and his son, finance minister, Camillo Gonsalves, Prime Minister and Minister of Legal Affairs, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves explained on radio that the law allows for involuntary psychiatric evaluation.

Speaking on WE FM Tuesday morning, PM Gonsalves cited the mental health act of 1989, which he described as a “reasonable” framework to address issues pertaining to mental health.

Outlining aspects of voluntary and involuntary admission to a mental health facility, the Prime Minister said that even law enforcement can admit persons to an institution without a doctor’s assessment.

Dr. Gonsalves however pointed out that there are “provisions” that must be followed, for a person to be committed to the mental institution.

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  1. Cheryl Delecia on

    PM Gonsalves,
    Where is the evidence that ‘proper procedures’ were followed? And the law does not give the police the authority to lock up anybody without those ‘proper procedures’ being followed.
    So far, I haven’t heard a denial from your son that he had an affair with this young woman. Did he? And how does demanding money to keep quiet over this affair tantamount to madness? ….meaning psychiatric madness. Has this young woman ever exhibited symptoms of psychiatric problems? Surely locking her up in an institution is, in itself, stigmatising her? If in the future she chooses to express her hurt (at being used sexually by your son) in anyway that you deem ‘inappropriate’, aren’t you likely to point finger and try to convince us that you were right to lock her up in the first instance? I work in the health service and never in my career have I known anyone to be committed (sectioned ) for expressing their views. I am sure as a free society, you are in favour of Freedom of speech. Does it make you uncomfortable that your son is being accused of adultery? Is this young lady ‘crazy?’. If so, could it be argued that it was the affair with your son that tipped her over the edge? If this is the case, would it not have been more appropriate and compassionate to have this young woman assessed privately in a Dr’s surgery and given counselling? What message are you sending out to poor attractive and vulnerable young Vincention women?
    It is high time you address the abuse of young and Vulnerable women in SVG. Right now, the message you are sending out is, that your Ministers can abuse their position and ‘get away with it’ because these young women willingly offer sex in the hope of getting money from the ‘well off’.
    I am completely disgusted by the fact that you have not addressed the problem of your son’s adulterous affair with this young woman but chose to focus on a single aspect of this case. What brought her to this point? Was it not the fact that your son used her for sexual favours and thought that he could just discard her and she would shut up or face the ridicule that she is being subjected to now?
    PM, as you well know, Power corrupts. Do not jepordise this young woman’s Career because you are in a position of power. Extend the same compassion and care you are giving to your Son and your daughter-in-law to this young woman. You are elected by the people so treat them with respect regardless of their economic statu and social position in your country.
    Get this woman out of incarceration and get her assessed privately. If your son or daughter hauled abuse at someone in public,would you incarcerate them like you did this young woman? Think of the psychological pain you are inflicting on this young woman. Was or is that your aim? Are you hoping that she would be so scared from the experience that she wouldn’t bother your son and daughter-in-law again? Please…..Do not use your power to teach this young woman a lesson. It’s your son you should be teaching a lesson. Isn’t he the ‘well educated and intelligent’ one in this whole sorry situation? When does he start taking responsibility for removing his penis out of his pants and use it to have sex with a vulnerable young women as we know, is not his wife?
    If your aim is to try to discredit this young woman and ensure a bleak future for her, then well done PM Gonsalves, you are succeeding. And how clever of you to continue to deflect attention away from the crux of the matter. Be careful of the message you are sending out to the world. Silence is a powerful message PM. Perhaps (and I pray it is the case), mothers of young girls are silently watching how you treat their innocent and vulnerable young women. When are you going to address sexual abuse of Young women by men in so called powerful positions? It is abuse because quite clearly, this young woman was disgarded after your son had no further need of her sexual favours. PM Gonsalves, please, focus on all aspects of this case. Put away self rigteous anger and an attitude of superiority. None of us are more superior than the other. Are you unable to be objective because it is now your son who was caught with his pants down? I do not believe that you have compassion for this young woman otherwise she would not have been incarcerated in a mental institution.

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