Lawyer Kay Bacchus-Baptiste Expresses Strong Concern over Yugge Farrell Case


Attorney at law and activist Kay Bacchus-Baptiste has expressed strong concern over the decision to have fashion model, Yugge Farrell committed for 2 weeks to the mental health centre.

Bacchus-Baptiste made her concerns known in an interview with SVG-TV News, where she described the incident as “a human rights issue that should be properly investigated.”

The veteran lawyer, said that although persons have called upon her to handle the case, she is not a part of Farrell’s legal representation noting that she was however aware that her colleague Grant Connell represented the 22-year old Ottley Hall resident at the magistrate’s court last Friday pro bono, as Farrell did not have anyone representing her.

Bacchus-Baptiste emphasized that she was displeased in the way in which Farrell, was taken to court. She also made a strong call for the magistrate presiding over the case to recuse himself.

Bacchus-Baptiste said persons should not be afraid to “speak up” and stand up for the fashion model whom she believed is being punished.

On Friday 5th January, the 22-year old fashion model was committed to the mental health institution for 2 weeks of observation, following claims that she allegedly used “obscene language” on Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, the wife of the 45-year old finance minister Camillo Gonsalves last week in the Prospect vicinity.

This resulted in Farrell posting several videos on social media, expressing her alleged affair with the finance minister among other accusations.

In an article published in the Searchlight Newspaper on Tuesday January 9th 2018 it is being claimed that the fashion model allegedly demanded thousands of dollars from the Gonsalves family in a letter.

The newspaper article said one copy of the letter was delivered last Thursday to Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, the wife of the finance minister and another copy to the office of the Prime Minister.

Searchlight said it has seen a copy of the letter which contains the word “blackmail”.

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