PM Gonsalves Finalizing Agreements and Strengthening Government Policies


With a focused outlook for 2018, Prime Minister Gonsalves on radio on Tuesday said he has been engaged in several meetings to finalize agreements to strengthen his government policies.

The Prime Minister noted that he had meetings with representatives of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and Leeward Island Air Travel (LIAT) as it relates to the restructuring of the airline.

The leader of this country also announced that he had meetings with the high ranks of the police force and underscored his initiative on medical marijuana to bring out employment.

As it pertains to air service the Prime Minister said SVG may soon have its home based airline noting that he was expecting to meet with some investors on the matter.

Also speaking on the issue of cyber crime, Prime Minister Gonsalves said while there are specific persons here addressing cases of cyber crime, there is no full time unit which may be needed here.

The Prime Minister said persons here are beginning to embrace the cyber crime law though it was first met with criticisms.

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