PM Instructs Minister to Remain Silent on Current Saga


In light of accusations being levelled against Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves in the ongoing saga surrounding former fashion model Yugge Farrell, Prime Minister and Minister of Legal Affairs Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says, he has advised the minister who is also his son to “stay silent” on the issue at least for now.

Speaking on WE FM on Thursday PM Gonsalves said a letter hand delivered to the wife of the finance minister at her office and one also at the office of the prime minister by 22-year old Ottley Hall resident Yugge Farrell, contained what he described as a “mountain of nasty and sickening lies”.

After being tight-lipped on the matter for some time, the prime minister said that the finance minister, his wife a senior counsel at the attorney general’s office, Karen Duncan-Gonsalves and their 7-year old daughter have been wronged.

He also called on persons who have been commenting on the matter to get the facts and not be carried away by sensational news.

PM Gonsalves explained that though the public might want to hear from the finance minister on the issue he along with Deputy Prime Minister Louis Straker advised him not to speak on the matter at this time.

Emphasizing that mental illness is a “serious matter” the prime minister said that he wished the former fashion model get the necessary help to make her well.

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