PM Denies Claims his Administration Impedes Grant Monies to Certain Persons


Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has denied claims that his administration impedes grant monies solicited by some persons here.

In a heated exchange at a media conference on Monday, PM Gonsalves answered a question posed by journalist Kenton Chance of I-Witness News, who alluded to grant monies seemingly being denied to him, to purchase equipment for his online news site.

PM Gonsalves explained, that the monies which were borrowed from the World Bank at a low interest and offered as a grant to persons in the information technology enterprise, was not meant for online news entities.

The Prime Minister inquired if Chance was of the view that he or his administration, discriminated against him, it was farthest from the truth.

Chance explained that remarks made by Star FM radio commenter Frank DaSilva, alleged that the journalist was slighted, hence the reason why he was writing against the government.

Chance immediately refuted DaSilva’s claims and stated that he was just doing his job.

PM Gonsalves however pointed out that if Chance was solely informed by government bureaucrats about the grant and other media organizations did not know, he was being put at an “unfair advantage.”

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