Yugge / Camillo Saga A Matter of Public Concern, Says Friday


Any matter brought against a public figure is a matter of public concern.

That’s according to the opposition leader Dr. Godwin Friday as he spoke on the NDP’s New times Programme on Nice Radio on Friday in relation to the matter surrounding former fashion model Yugge Farrell and her referral to the mental institution for observation.

Dr. Friday said there is too much speculation surrounding the allegations the former model made against Minister of Economic Planning and Finance Camillo Gonsalves and called on the minister to speak to the public on the matter as it is of public concern.

The opposition leader also noted that the issue surrounding Farrell’s referral to the mental institution for a two week observation seems highly unusual.

Dr Friday insisted that all persons  must be treated equally before the law, and called on the relevant authorities to give more clarity on the issue surrounding Farrell’s referral to the mental institution.

In a follow up statement issued on Monday January 15th 2017 , the NDP expressed concern that Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves (Camillo Gonsalves’ father) and his Deputy Louis Straker advised Minister Gonsalves to remain silent on the matter.

The party said this is an affront as Minister Gonsalves was elected by the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and owes the people of this nation an explanation as to his involvement or not. The party said this high handed approach demonstrates the level of contempt and disrespect that the ULP leader and government holds for the people of SVG.

The NDP’s statement went on to say that the principles of decency and good governance in a modern democracy requires that any government minister embroiled in such a salacious scandal must clarify the situation to the satisfaction of the people or resign his position.

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