Friday Makes Another Call for Camillo to Resign


Leader of the opposition New Democratic Party Dr. Godwin Friday has made another call for Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves to resign from his post.

Dr. Friday made this call at a media conference hosted on Wednesday by the NDP at the party’s headquarters where he addressed the controversy surrounding the finance minister and former fashion model Yugge Farrel.

Dr. Friday said the Minister of Finance has a duty to assist in improving the lives of Vincentians and expressed disappointment that the nation is instead concentrating more on the allegations levelled against him by the former fashion model than on the economic affairs of the country.

The opposition leader added that the choice of Minister Gonsalves to remain silent on the matter is not a proper one in the interest of the people of SVG and he should resign.

Also addressing the decision by the court to have the former fashion model Yugge Farrell referred to the mental health institution for 2 weeks observation was Lawyer and opposition senator Kay Bacchus-Baptiste who said the sitting magistrate at the time acted ultra vires in his decision, adding that follow up statements made by PM Gonsalves on radio regarding the matter was erroneous and irresponsible.

Answering a question surrounding the legality of the allegations leveled against the Finance Minister, Baptiste said morality and ethics trump legality in relation to the actions of public officers adding that such officials must be held to a higher standard.

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