President of the SVG Teachers Union Calls on Members to Reaffirm their Commitment to the Union


President of the SVG Teachers Union Oswald Robinson has called on members of his union to reaffirm their commitment to the organization.

Speaking on the SVGTU Speaks program last Friday on SVG-TV, Robinson noted that the SVGTU stands as the advocate for all educators here in SVG and reiterated the union’s commitment to serve and speak for all members of the teaching profession.

Giving a brief overview of the past year, Robinson thanked all supporters for standing with the union. He also urged all educators to strive to give of their best when delivering their service.

Expressing his hope that 2018 will be a very productive year for education, the teaching profession and the SVGTU, Robinson further shared a few words of advice with all students across the country.

The SVGTU President further expressed commendations to the ministry of education on their endorsement of and participation in the recently rolled out Early Learners Program (EPL).

The program, which is an initiative led by the OECS and funded by USAID, is a reading development programme for young learners and intends to address essential aspects of policy and practice in order to improve the reading levels of all learners at the early primary level (Grade K to Grade 3).

Robinson shared his hope to see the development of the program in schools here.

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