Kay Bacchus-Baptiste Expresses Strong Concern over Drugs Being Administered to Former Fashion Model


Strong concerns have been expressed over the drugs administered to former fashion model Yugge Farrell, who was re-committed on Monday for another week at the Mental Health Institution.

Speaking on Boom FM Tuesday morning, Lawyer Kay Bacchus-Baptiste in reading sections of the Mental Health Act, said that the administration of drugs to the 22-year old Ottley Hall resident at the mental healthcare facility is in violation of her rights.

Farrell was first sent to the mental health institution for 2 weeks observation on Friday January 5th   for using “abusive language” on Senior Counsel Karen Duncan-Gonsalves, the wife of Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves. At her follow up court appearance on Monday morning a decision was taken by Senior Magistrate Ricky Burnette for Farrell to spend another week at the facility.

Bacchus-Baptiste said she could understand why Burnette who was new on the case would have decided that Farrell spend another week at the facility for further for evaluation however she is not in agreement with the drugs reportedly administered to the former fashion model.

Bacchus-Baptiste also questioned why the medical evaluation report for Farrell was only given to the director of public prosecution, and not also to the lawyer for the accused, Yugge Farrell.

Bacchus-Baptiste further questioned the qualifications of the doctor who signed the medical report while Farrell was under two weeks evaluation at the mental health facility.

The opposition senator is adamant that the drugs administered to Farrell may have caused some alteration to Farrell’s behavior displayed in court on Monday.

Opposition member of parliament for West Kingstown Daniel Cummings also questioned the authorization of drugs administered to the Ottley Hall resident who is one of his constituents.

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