Grant Connell Hoping to have Farrell Case Dismissed


The lawyer representing embattled former fashion model Yugge Farrell in her ongoing court case, Grant Connell on Wednesday says he will be asking the office of the Director of Public Prosecution to nolle pros their case against his client.

Farrell who is facing a charge of using “abusive language” on Senior Counsel, and the wife of the Finance Minister, Karen Duncan-Gonsalves. She was initially sent to the Mental Health Institution for two weeks observation which was extended on Monday at her follow up court appearance.

In an interview with the online site News784, Connell noted that the matter will continue in court on Monday January 29th however he will be asking the court to extend certain courtesies including having the matter heard on camera which he said is in protection of his client’s interest.

Noting that he is fully aware of the public’s interest in the case, Connell said it is his hope that after a decision is made on Monday that the same interest in Farrell’s well being is maintained.

Connell further noted that he will be asking the DPP to nolle pros the case which he is hoping will be granted.

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