ULP General Secretary Claims NDP Using Model Case for Political Mileage


General Secretary of the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) Julian Francis says the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) is desperate to get into political power, and is using the Yugge Farrell case for political mileage.

On Star FM on Tuesday Francis said the NDP is known for using salacious activities to fuel their campaigns to try to get the ULP out of office but they will continue to fail in their attempts.

He also questioned why they have been silent on the election petitions case with the ruling still pending.

Francis is also of the view that any person who goes to the mental health facility as in the case of Yugge Farrell, would receive treatment, as it could be a procedure.

The ULP General Secretary chided persons for calling on Finance Minister Camillo Gonsalves to speak up on the Farrell saga, noting that he had already spoken on the matter since last year on Boom FM.

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