New Montrose Fire Rescuer Encouraging Parents to be more Vigilant


One of the persons who reportedly helped rescue three of four children from a burning house at New Montrose on Friday night, is encouraging parents here to be more vigilant.

Keyon Phillips who reportedly alert the neighborhood of the house fire, recounted the dreadful night he himself almost lost his life from smoke inhalation.

Phillips said that he feels saddened that a lock was on the door at the ground floor of the dwelling house where the fire reportedly started. he said this made it difficult for the children to initially escape.

The young man made a plea for parents to ensure that their children are supervised at all times.

According to the police, the information received is that the four (4) young children ages 7, 3, 1, and 7 months were left alone at home in a bedroom with a single candle burning of a chest of drawers while their mother went to Heritage Square, a popular night spot in Kingstown.

The police say Based on information from the Fire Department, the lighted candle started a fire about 10:15 pm in the bedroom where the children were. The Fire Department was able to contain the fire on arrival at the scene and expresses appreciation to the persons who used buckets of water to try and contain the fire prior to their arrival.

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