Opposition Members Stand Ground in “No Confidence” Motion Debate


Members of the opposition in parliament on Wednesday stood their grounds in wanting to debate their “no confidence” motion against the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration despite strong resistance from members on the government bench.

The opposition members voiced strong objection to the government’s move to amend the motion to become a debate on the government’s performance thereby deflating the opposition’s motion.

Newly appointed senator Kay Bacchus-Baptiste highlighted the importance of the debate on the motion as necessary for democracy.

She referenced to Section 47 of the Constitution and rule 32 (eight) of Eskine and Maize. She stated that motions are usually brought forth to address issues related to a delinquent economy and scandals.

She purported that the government changes in the motion, were not simply amendments, but were rather blatant major changes.

She said if the government wanted to tout their horn, they should have brought forward their own motion.

Also protesting the amendments made was opposition leader Dr. Godwin Friday.

He was of the view that the changes or amendments in the motion totally shifted the importance of the debate of “no confidence” in the government, to how excellent the government had been performing which he made clear is not what their motion is about.

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