Government MPs Express Confidence in Gonsalves Led Administration


Government MPs and senators on Wednesday evening expressed their confidence in the Dr. Ralph Gonsalves led administration, laying out in parliament the track record of the Unity Labour Party government for the 17 years they have been in office.

The members of the government side were able to prevent any debate in parliament on a motion of a no confidence brought by the opposition with an impromptu amendment.

Outlining his government’s position in making an amendment against the no confidence motion, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves pointed out that the issues contained in the motion could have been debated at Monday’s sitting or at next week’s appropriation bill debate.

The Prime Minister said despite what has been put forward by the Opposition to the public his government has been nothing but transparent with the affairs of the country.

In the absence of the opposition for the second half of Wednesday’s parliamentary session, the 8 elected members of government and the other 3 Senators carried on with the business expressing confidence in the administration.

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