ULP’s Response to Challenges of Modern Existence Indicative of a Maturing Democracy, Says Governor General


The ruling Unity Labour Party administration’s response to the multiple challenges of modern existence according to Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne is indicative of a maturing democracy that is coming into its own and establishing a foundation for growth and development for present and future generations.

Sir Frederick who was delivering the throne speech at the ceremonial opening of the 3rd session of parliament on Monday afternoon, highlighted a number of initiatives undertaken by the ULP administration which he said are in line with its focus to achieve the development goals for SVG as articulated in the National Economic and Social Development plan 2013-2025.

Highlighting a number of projects in the 2018 budget such as continued work on the geothermal energy project, the Governor General called for God’s guidance during the deliberation over the 2018 budget noting that parliamentarians must work together in the interest of the nation.

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