Blondie Bird Aims to Frighten The Competition for 2018


A call has been made for the Carnival Development Cooperation (CDC) to return the mas component of Vincy Mas to the Victoria Park.

The call has been made by band leader for Blondie Bird and Friends Elroy Boyd as the mas tent prepares to launch its 2018 presentation “Phobia”.

While announcing the launch, which is scheduled to take place on the 10th of this month at Sion Hill, Blondie Bird as he is affectionately known took the opportunity to speak with SVG-TV News on the inspiration behind this years’ presentation.

Expressing confidence in the band’s success for 2018 the veteran band leader stated that the production is expected to frighten all other competitors.

Happy that SVG continues to produce traditional mas which is unique to the region, Blondie Bird called on the Carnival Development Corporation to return mas to Victoria Park.

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