Friday Calls for Financial Audit of AIA on the heels of Operations Anniversary


On the heels of the one year anniversary since operations began on February 14th, 2017, at the Argyle International Airport, Opposition Leader Dr. Godwin Friday is calling for a financial audit to be done on the air facility.

Making his presentation at what his party calls the “People’s Budget” on Monday evening at Democrat House the opposition leader said that a forensic audit must be conducted into the country’s largest capital project.

He said that there are reports that the cost to build the airport amounts to some $700-million dollars but the opposition believes that it is over a billion dollars.

Dr. Friday also expressed the need to have the Petro Caribe project audited as well.

The opposition leader is also of the view that too little finances are being injected into the audit department for persons to carry out their work and this he said must be corrected.

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