Local Communities Encouraged To Get On Board With Efforts To Protect The Forest From Exploitation


A call has been made for Vincentians to play their part in ensuring forest resources are not exploited.

The call comes from Director of Forestry Fitzgerald Providence as he spoke on Magic 103.7, Sunday Brunch program highlighting issues relating to the forested areas of SVG.

Providence said whilst the department does its utmost to maintain and protect the forested areas, community support is necessary.

Highlighting the dangers of practices such as river poisoning, Providence spoke of the success which can be had when communities get involved in  protecting local wild life.

The director of forestry further stated that the illegal marijuana cultivation continues to hamper the forests of SVG and expressed hope that the introduction of a medical marijuana industry can aid in curbing this trend.

Also speaking on the program was Forestry officer and community activist Joel Poyer who highlighted the need for the enforcement of the law relating to the forest as well as the need for communities to play a role in protecting the environment.

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