Government Launches Multi-Million Dollar Human Development Service Delivery Project


As part of efforts to strengthen the quality of service delivery in the education sector, as well as to improve skills training and labour systems procedures in the country, a 28.7 million dollar multi-sector project was launched here on Tuesday February 13th 2018.

Dubbed the Human Development Service Delivery Project, the initiative is managed by the Economic Planning and Sustainable Development Division in the Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and National Mobilization and the Labour Department.

Nicketha toney tells us more about yesterday’s launch in this report.

Tuesday’s launching ceremony of the Human Development Service Delivery Project also saw the launch of the Country Poverty Assessment (CPA) Project, which is set to roll out this year.

Giving an overview of the CPA project, Chief Statistician Gatlin Roberts said the assessment coincides with the Human Development Service Delivery Project as it will provide data to support all three components of the HDSDP program.

She added that through the use of quantitative and qualitative research methods, the CPA will determine the characteristics, extent, geographic concentration, severity and causes of poverty here in SVG.

Roberts further called on all members of the public to give their full participation and support to the process.

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