NDP Stands Resolute In Claim of Constitution Violation in No Confidence Motion


The opposition New Democratic Party stands resolute in their claim that the country’s constitution has been violated in the manner in which their motion of no confidence against the government was handled in parliament.

At a media conference on Friday, Opposition Leader Dr. Godwin Friday spoke on the party’s position on the matter as well as a letter he wrote in response to a letter sent to him by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves on the matter.

Speaking on the legal requirements, importance, and consequences if a motion of no confidence succeeds, Dr. Friday said it would have had grave implications on the government adding that a motion of full confidence has no such consequences.

Dr. Friday rubbished Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves’ interpretation of the words “debate and dispose” found in the constitution in relation to motions stating that it is clear that a debate is constitutionally mandated.

The Opposition Leader added that the right to debate a motion of no confidence cannot be negated adding that the government in no way shape or form debate their motion of no confidence.

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