Election Petitions Case Ruling Expected Next Week


A ruling in the election petitions case is expected to be made on Tuesday February 27th by Justice Esco Henry at the High Court in capital Kingstown.

The ruling is anticipated by both the petitioners and respondents who are represented by a battery of lawyers.

The judge’s decision will be on an application made by the lawyers for one of the petitioners, the NDP’s candidate for Central Leeward in December 2015 election Benjamin Exeter to inspect the ballots and counterfoils used in the election in that constituency.

Exeter along with the NDP’s candidate for north windward, Lauron Baptiste both filed petitions after  they failed to secure a seat for the NDP after the December 2015 elections citing that there were a number of irregularities in these constituencies.

The lawyers representing the respondents in the matter continue to maintain that there were no wrong doings and that the petitioners and their legal team are on a fishing expedition.

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