Two Men Held on Burglary Charges


Police here have arrested and charged Jerroy Phillips, a 21 year old fisherman of Redemption Sharpes and Anthony Hope, a 16 year old electrician of Belair for entering the St. Hill Insurance Limited building in Kingstown as a trespasser, with intent to commit an offence.

According to the police, the burglars gained entry into the building, by forced entry through a door and burglar bar on the western side of the building.

The men were also charged for damage to property, for without lawful excuse did damage three (3) commercial glass and aluminium doors valued at $1,245.00, one (1) white hr dome surveillance camera valued at $750.00, five (5) pad locks valued at $750.00, one (1) show window glass valued at $750.00, and one (1) iron gate valued $200.00, total value $3,645.00 to with “by striking same with an unknown object”, the property of St. Hill Insurance Limited, with intent to damage such property.

The burglary occurred at Kingstown between 2:00am and 3:10am on Sunday. The men were expected to appear before the Kingstown magistrates court on Tuesday to be arraigned.

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