President of the National Women’s Council Expresses Concern that Some Women are Devaluing Themselves for Financial Gains


President of the National Women’s Council, Beverly Richards has expressed concern that some women and girls in this country are devaluing themselves for financial and other gains.

Speaking at a Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Seminar on Wednesday held at the Miracle Arena Church in the Stoney Grounds area Richards expressed gratitude to the Caribbean Women’s Association (CARIWA) for funding the programme.

The participants gained insight on the importance of women and girls being empowered and urged them to pass on the knowledge gained.

The women’s council president told the participants she is troubled by the number of women in the country who are diminishing themselves to gain employment and other assistance.

One of the facilitators at the domestic violence workshop, Jeanie Ollivierre outlined the various initiatives this country has taken to ensure that gender issues are being addressed.

Ollivierre however pointed out that much more needs to be done to build on the foundation already built.

The human rights activist also made a strong call for the churches to be more impactful in their approach in dealing with social issues such as domestic violence noting that many women and girls are hurting.


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