Caribbean Airlines To Begin Direct Flights From New York To AIA On March 14th This Year


Destination SVG has a lot to offer the world and will be one of Caribbean Airlines preferred destinations.

That’s according to Minister of Tourism Cecil Mckie as he spoke at Monday evening’s launching event at the Beachcombers Hotel for the direct flights that will be coming out from the JFK International Airport in New York to the Argyle International Airport here in SVG, commencing March 14th.

Minister Mckie told the gathering he was amazed by the response of Vincentians who have been traveling to and from the Argyle International Airport since it began its operation one year ago on February 14th 2017.

Minister Mckie added that the government of SVG will continue to play its role in ensuring that SVG is a premier destination and highlighted some of the attributes which make the nation marketable which includes the Argyle International Airport.

Also speaking at the launching event was Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves who said direct flights is a necessary factor in taking SVG’s tourism product to the next stage and expressed gratitude to those who worked hard in making the direct flights coming out from and to new York.

Also giving remarks was Caribbean Airlines Sales Executive for the Eastern Caribbean Veena Rattan King who said CAL is pleased to partner with SVG in providing air lift service to the U.S adding that the airline is focused on connecting the people of the region.

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