Two Vincentian Nationals Abroad, Dies Over Weekend


A former Vincentian police officer, Brian Simon who resided in Brooklyn New York was found dead on Sunday morning March 4th in the Prospect part area.

The 49 year old was from Diamonds and has been living in the USA from some 15 years now.

According to the New York Police Department say officers responded to a call and found a man unresponsive with no signs of obvious trauma.

The city’s medical examiner’s office is expected to perform a post mortem examination on the body to determine cause of death.

Meanwhile a Vincentian national was gunned down in Trinidad on Saturday night.

According to reports coming out of the twin island republic Eric “Vincy” Harry was standing along a road near Dow Village at about 10pm when a vehicle pulled up alongside him. Several loud explosions were heard and the vehicle sped away. Police said Harry received several gunshot wounds and died at the scene.

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