Vincentian Arrested in Barbados on Drug Offences


Vincentian Kamol Wendel Muckett, 23-years old of Union Vale, Bequia was arrested and charged in Barbados last Friday March 23rd with eight drug offences.

These offences were allegedly committed on Thursday March 22nd at the Shallow Draught, Bridgetown Port, St. Michael, Barbados.

The charges are: possession of cannabis, trafficking in cannabis, possession with intent to supply cannabis, importation of cannabis, possession of cocaine, trafficking in cocaine, possession with intent to supply cocaine, and importation of cocaine.

According to the Barbados Nation Online, Muckett arrived in Barbados around 6:15 am Friday on board the vessel “Melinda –two” which was docked at the Shallow Draught.

Personnel from the Barbados Drug Squad, Customs and Coast Guard searched the vessel and found two packages – one containing suspected cannabis and the other suspected cocaine.

Muckett was subsequently arrested.

The cocaine, placed at 0.97 kilograms has an estimated street value of 48-thousand- 500 Barbados dollars , while the the suspected 1.35 kilograms of cannabis carries an estimated street value of $5-thousand 400 Barbados dollars.

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