Growing Need for Youth to turn away from a “Chubby Lifestyle”


There is a growing need for the nation’s youth to turn away from a “chubby lifestyle”.

That’s according to Minister of Health Wellness and the Environment Luke Browne as he highlighted SVG’s ongoing battle to lower the cases of non communicable diseases.

Minister Browne was at the time speaking at the launch of a fitness program initiated by the Be Fit Movement which has taken up the challenge to provide support to persons affected by and living with diabetes, a non communicable disease.

The event according to Minister Browne signals efforts of the Be Fit Movement’s and all other involved partners to invest in the health and wellness of the Vincentian society.

In his remarks at the opening ceremony, head of the organization and trainer Lindon James said the activities which will take place in the coming weeks and months will among other things aim to address growing health issues such as juvenile diabetes, through needs-based planning processes.

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