Police Launches Investigation into Viral Video Clips of Captive Vincentian Native


Police here have launched an investigation in relation to at least two viral video clips in which two men, one reportedly a Vincentian, are being held at gun point by Spanish-speaking abductors and begging for their lives.

In one of the video clips being circulated on the social media site Facebook, the men are seen sitting side by side in what appears to be a living room. The dreadlocks spokesman asks for monies to be sent by named personnel to facilitate their release.

In the same video the spokesman pointed out that his colleague could not speak as he suffered from bouts of epilepsy and showed his tongue with severe bite marks.

In the another video the two men are seen standing next to a wall with their hands bound. A spanish speaking man is perched on the wall above both men holding a gun and hitting both men in the head with the weapon.

It is alleged that the Vincentian in the video, the one who did not speak is from Union Island in the Grenadines and that he along with the other person in the video were kidnapped by Colombian drug lords because other persons here allegedly owed them.

The police here however said that they have been unable to confirm any of the allegations.

In a telephone interview with SVG-TV News on the matter Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Frankie Joseph said they are looking into the matter as to verify if the video is real or fake.

ACP Joseph also noted that they are in contact with neighboring authorities on the matter.

The Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, is however appealing to the general public to provide information on the men in the video and their whereabouts.

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