Bright Future In Fisheries Despite Issues and Concerns


Risks related to theft of equipment as well as the lack of consultation on key issues with the relevant authorities were among some of the concerns raised at the launch of activities on Friday April 27th for Fisherman’s Day 2018.

Resident of the National Fisher Folk Organization Eocen Victory said there are several issues of concern among local fisher folk which are important to the industry and their lively hood.

Victory said one example is the work being done in the Rose Place for a new port and that fisher folk in the area has expressed concerned that so far there has been no consultation with the authorities on the mater.

Victory said while the National Fisher Folk Organization is elated that several fisheries centers are now being run by locals, the Government must implement proper management practices to ensure a sustainable industry.

Victory added that fisher folk at the Kingstown market are concern with marketing arrangements at facility and called on the authorities to address this concern.


Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries Saboto Caesar at Friday’s ceremony gave the assurance of a bright future for the fisheries sector.

Minister Caesar said the government continues to implement policies to secure the future of the sector and those who depend on it, adding that he looks forward to securing an Asian market for Vincentian lobster products.

The Agriculture and Fisheries Minister said the ministry will also seek to organize the fisher folk at the Kingstown market into a cooperative adding that local stakeholders are pushing for the facility to become a major fish trans-shipment center for the region.

The minister also gave assurance that discussions involving the future of the Kingstown Fish Market will include the fisher folk.

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