Citizens of SVG and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Can Now Travel Between Both Countries Without a Visa


Citizens of SVG and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) no longer need a visa to travel between both countries.

The signing of the visa waiver agreement took place on Wednesday at the Foreign Affairs Conference Room between Minister of Foreign Affairs Sir Louis Straker and the UAE’s Minister of State for International Cooperation Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves who was on hand to facilitate the signing of the visa waiver agreement, says such an initiative must never be taken for granted as it helps smooth the progress for development.

PM Gonsalves said the UAE, through its “Dubai Cares” charity has recommitted itself to $500-thousand U.S. Dollars, towards the nation’s school feeding program.

PM Gonsalves also announced that in keeping with the aim of the government and people of Dubai to improve the quality of life of people, have also committed to finance the “building of footpaths” throughout SVG.

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