Local Consumers Cautioned About Buying Heavy Equipment and Machinery from China


Buyers Beware. That’s the warning which is being given by trade officials within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade to local consumers intending to purchase heavy equipment and machinery from Shanghai in China.

In a release issued through the Agency for Public Information (API), the ministry says that it has received a number of complaints from persons who ended up receiving equipment which differed from what they had ordered.

The Ministry of Trade is therefore asking that importers exercise due diligence with respect to machinery from Shanghai, as there is no legal guarantee or warranty on goods sourced from that city.

Consumers are therefore asked to do the following:

  • Make sure that the business or website through which you are ordering heavy duty equipment or machinery is reputable.
  • Ensure that there is a system in place for redress in the event that there are problems with what you have ordered.
  • And, make sure that the person through whom you are buying goods or services is trustworthy.

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