20 Year Old Sentenced to 6 Years for Robbery


A 20 year old Labourer and a 12 year old student both of Fitz Hughes pleaded guilty of stealing Soca Monarch tickets and other items when they appeared before in the Kingstown magistrate’s court on Monday.

The police said they arrested and charged Devon Francois, 20, and the 12 year old for entering a liquor and provision shop belonging to Jarrod Williams as trespassers and stealing eight Soca Monarch tickets valued 160 EC dollars and other items valued 178 EC dollars and 75 cents.

The magistrate ordered the 12 year old student to undergo six months of counselling, while Francois was sentenced to two years in prison.

Francois, who was also charged for entering the dwelling house of Dexroy Edwards of Fitz Hughes as a trespasser and stealing 218 EC dollars in cash and 300 US dollars was sentenced to serve 4 years in  prison. The sentences will run consecutively.

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