Government Only Creating Enabling Environment for Medical Marijuana Industry, Says Agriculture Minister


Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar has made it clear that the government is merely creating an enabling environment for the establishment of a modern medical cannabis industry in SVG and not establishing the industry.

Caesar made the point as he responded to a question in parliament on Thursday, May 24th, in which he was asked to provide an update on the status of the process for the establishment of a medical cannabis industry here.

The agriculture minister said the government is working with stakeholders to come up with the most suitable legislative framework necessary for a modern cannabis industry to be established in SVG.

He said the government has contracted a legal drafter who is in possession of the sentiments expressed by stakeholders. The draft is expected to be ready in two weeks time to form the basis for further consultation between representatives of the attorney.

The agriculture minister further noted that several investors locally, regionally and internationally have expressed an interest in participating in a modern medical cannabis industry.

Minister Caesar said it is intended that, following consultations, the draft legislative framework for the medicinal cannabis industry would be ready before August this year to go to parliament.

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