The Board of Governors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) began its 48th annual general meeting in Grenada on Wednesday with President Dr. Warren Smith and host Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell expressing concern about the state of regional travel.

Dr. Smith told the gathering that the CDB believes finding a way to reduce taxes on airlines tickets without incurring loses to governments, is crucial to solving the region’s travel woes.

In his presentation the Grenada Prime Minister echoed the CDB’s president’s sentiments, adding that a decision to reduce taxes on tickets should be a collective one.

The focus of the two day meeting was climate resilience where officials examined regional success stories, lessons learnt and opportunities for the Caribbean to triumph over recent setbacks including the impacts of last year’s Atlantic hurricane season.

The thrust is for regional leaders to make their countries more resilient to climate change, strengthen energy systems and invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency to build economic resilience.