1 Year Anniversary of Six Persons Going Missing After Boat Capsizes


It has been one year since six persons went missing while travelling from Canouan to Mustique.

On Sunday June 4th 2017 about 5:52 pm, the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard received information from security at the Mustique Company Ltd. was that the vessel, midnight shadow, was in distress. However the location of the vessel was unknown.

The coast guard services soon after conducted a search over a wide area between Mustique and Canouan with aerial support from local and regional counterparts. The search was called off after five days.

On board the missing vessel were Montgomery Hazel (captain); Claudia Williams, Lambert and Charmaine Da Souza, Sharon Simmons and Josianne John.

Dessla Da Souza, the mother of Lambert Da Souza told SVG-TV News on Monday that she has placed the matter in the hands of God. She said that her son, most affectionately known as Nedd, was her first child and her bread winner. Da Souza added that her family was provided with a report on the search and rescue efforts and are satisfied with the outcome although they miss their loved one dearly. Da Souza is now taking care of her grandson, Donte, who lost both his father and mother in the incident.

The grieving families are still without closure as none of the bodies has been recovered to allow for a burial.

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