The Windward Islands Farmers Association (WINFA) said it has undertaken the second in a series of skills transfer and capacity building training exercises of farmers who are members of the umbrella organisation.

A special dimension of the training, was carried out  last Monday on Simeon Green’s farm at Sans Souci, and facilitated by workers on that farm with farmers from South Rivers, Colonaire, Orange Hill and Byera.

WINFA is seeking through these exercises to train farmers so they can train others and learn best practices.

The first training/demonstration event was held two weeks ago on the farm of Gideon Gilbert who demonstrated to his peers his practices in plant and soil health; disease management- including the control of black sigatoka disease, and fair trade practices.

The trainees were selected from seven farms in the Overland, Three Rivers, Colonaire and Park Hill areas.

WINFA said these training events are also aimed at building resilience in the face of the many challenges in the agricultural sector and more specifically, the banana industry.