With the invasion of the sargassum sea weed continuing to flood the shorelines of this country, a fisheries official has said that the authorities are taking a multifaceted approach to combat the problem.

Chris Isaacs,  senior fisheries officer told SVG-TV News that since 2011. Sargassum sea weed has been a problem for fisher-folk and the public in general and cabinet has activated a sea weed invasion task force to determine how to deal with it.

Isaacs said the problem is too large for a single entity to address hence multiple stake holders are engaged in order to clean the beaches and find uses for the sea weed.

Isaacs added that careful attention is being paid to the results of scientific research in neighbouring island to find greater use to the marine resource.

The senior fisheries officer said a level of care must be taken when removing sand from the beaches using heavy equipment so as to prevent coastal damage

The threat which the sea weed poses  to the tourism sector as well as measures to address the problem are expected to be raised in parliament tomorrow.