A senior traffic cop is renewing his call for omnibus operators to exercise care in their operations on the streets of SVG.

Inspector Henry Providence told SVG-TV News on Tuesday that there have been a number of accidents over the past few days with many of them involving omnibuses.

Inspector Providence is reminding minibus operators that they are entrusted with the lives of their passengers and must do their jobs with this in mind.

Providence is also encouraging omnibus operators not to use alcohol or drugs while they are operating their vehicles.

The veteran traffic cop added that driving under the influence is an arrestable offence with a maximum penalty of six months and 15-hundred dollars on a first offense and up to one year for a repeat conviction.

Providence also advised the public to park their vehicles in secure areas when attending carnival events.

The traffic police said the Grammar School Playing Field is again being made available for use with adequate security arrangements in place

Providence added the cost of paid parking is significantly less than the cost of repairing a broken car window