FLOW supports Luke’s Kids Club summer programme 2018


Flow Supports the Luke’s Kids Club programme for 2018.

At a media launch held Friday, August 3,, founder of the Luke’s Kids Club and Minister of Health, Wellness & Environment, Luke Browne stated that the programme which has been in existence for about seven years is guided under dual themes this year; “The Legacy of Nelson Mandela” and “Climate Change Matters to Me.” Browne said the summer programme, which caters to children between the ages of 4 – 11 years for the junior clubs, and 12-17 for the senior clubs, allows kids to better develop their social skills and confidence, and also helps them to be more historically aware and knowledgeable in a host of subject areas. Meantime, in helping to assist in making this year’s programme a reality, FLOW St. Vincent and the Grenadines extended financial support towards the 2018 programme. FLOW’s Country Manager Wayne Hull, congratulated the Luke’s Kids Club on successfully building on the initiative year after year to transform the lives of many children since the programme’s inception. The summer programme is expected to climax on Monday, August 27.

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