Ashieka Lyttle, 25, of New Montrose was reportedly slapped in her face by a police officer in presence of her kid



Ashieka Lyttle, 25, of New Montrose was  reportedly slapped by a police officer  

A police officer reportedly slapped Ashieka lyttle repeatedly in the presence of her children, because she swore, then arrested and charged her for the offensive words. She was charged that on Saturday, Aug. 11, at Kingstown, she assaulted police Constable 720 Delroy Williams, he being a police officer acting in the due execution of his duty. Lyttle was further charged that on the same date and place, where she used indecent language to Williams, to wit, ‘Way the f**k does do you, even if you lock me up and carry me court yuh can’t win me”.And also was granted EC$3,000 bail at the Central Police Station in Kingstown on Saturday after being arrested.

She is scheduled to appear before the Kingstown Magistrate Court on Monday to answer the charges where counsel Grant Connell will represent her in court..

A video has emerged on social media showing a police officer forcibly taking a woman, who is holding a baby, in the direction of the Central Police Station in Kingstown.

click to view the video below.

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