Leasha Richards Prescott Harold accused police officers of killing her father



Leasha Richards Prescott Harold who has identified herself as the daughter of Stilson Harold who was shot on Thursday evening in Vermont has accused police officers of killing her father.

According to a police report, Harold attacked the Police with a cutlass as they went to his home in response to an incident reported by his son.

The young woman also accused the police of going to her mother’s home and shooting it up, even destroying her bed.In a Facebook video post, she asserts that somebody will have to pay for what took place.

Leasha Richards Prescott Harold further said, “He was dead before he went to the hospital, and you told the tabloids he refused treatment, who the f…k will refuse treatment when they are shot? He isn’t that crazy!”

“Somebody is going to have to build back my mother’s house, buy back her bed, fix back her windows, this shit is unacceptable! You can’t just run up into somebody’s house and kill them!”

“What if my mother had children in that house? What if my mother was in that house? You just decide you big and in charge! It’s not going to end here! I am coming to SVG!”

In her final lamentations, Leasha Richards Prescott Harold said, “I don’t have a father. My sister and brother doesn’t have a father, so you all need to figure out who killed my father because that is murder.”

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