Climate Levy In Effect


An additional charge of $3 US dollars per hotel room has been put into effect.

The additional charge, named the Climate Change Resilience Levy was announced during presentation of the 2018 budget to accumulate a reserve to respond to weather impacts on the nation.

The Hotel and Tourism Association had written asking for the levy to be scrapped or at the very least, delayed until 2019.

At a news conference on Monday, Finance Minister, Camillo Gonsalves, said there had been further dialouge with hotels and guest houses whose owners broadly accepted what is now being implemented.

Gonsalves said one of the main concerns which was addressed was the imposition of the levy on persons who had already booked rooms but they were able to find a way around it.

Gonsalves said the hoteliers were also concerned about private individuals renting properties on Airbnb who did not have to pay the levy.

He said work is being done to correct this situation.

When contacted, the president of the SVG Hotel and Tourism association said they were awaiting official correspondence before commenting.

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