Government Looking to Partner with Local Businesses to install a CCTV Network


The government is looking to partner with local businesses to install a cctv network as part of crime fighting efforts.

Minister of Economic Planning Camillo Gonsalves said they want to make a start along the south coast.

That stretch was in recent times hit by a spate of robberies and a kidnapping, raising concerns among citizens and visitors about their security.

Gonsalves said consultations are on-going with hoteliers in the area and highlighted some of the incentives being offered to encouage wider cctv usage by hotels.

The finance minister said the government will be partnering with Taiwan to roll out a pilot project this year, to place cameras at high traffic areas to support the efforts of the local police force in many locations.

The news conference, which was called by Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and was also attended by the Acting Commissioner of Police addressed several matters including crime.

The finance minister said the government cannot do it all and treasures the partnership of the private sector.

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