The Director of the National Emergency Management Organistion (NEMO) is encouraging the public to remain vigilant, as the local Met services continue to monitor the movement of Hurricane Isaac.

The system developed into a hurricane on Sunday night, and at 5 pm on Monday the category one storm was near latitude 14.4 degrees north, longitude 45.0 degrees west, approximately one thousand and 90 miles east north east of SVG packing winds of 45 miles per hour.  The local Met services said a feeder band associated with the hurricane could result in showers, thunderstorms and occasional gusty winds across the island chain by early Wednesday.

Forbes told SVG-TV News that at the time of the interview, Isaac was a small hurricane that appeared to be moving away from SVG. She however warned that it can still pose a threat, specifically to those communities in the northern parts of the mainland.

The NEMO Director said it is important for the public to be familiar with the hurricane shelters near them and be proactive in getting the necessary supplies.

Forbes said Monday 10th September and Tuesday 11th September are peak days of the hurricane season as three systems, Florence, Hellen and Isaac are in the Atlantic, and NEMO has already put systems in place to deal with any possible impacts.