Police Public Outreach Program


A fresh approach to build better relations between the police and communities.

That’s the aim of Assistant Commissioner of Police Nigel Butcher who told SVG-TV News that the north western and south western divisions of the police force are engaged in a public out reach program designed to do just that.

The men and women stationed in the north leeward area of the mainland began this fresh thrust three weeks ago with visits to institutions and attendance at churches.

He said the police want to get a better grasp of the needs of the people in the communities they serve.

ASP Butcher said the police recognize the importance of public support in fighting crime.

He pointed out that similar programs are being conducted in other divisions with a similar aim that would benefits at the national level.

The veteran cop said the importance of the youth cannot be underestimated and the police will reach out to the various schools to capture the minds of the young ones.

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