The current spate of crime in SVG, has hit a raw nerve for one 18 year old Biabou resident.

Kahlel Beache-Ash is rejecting the lack of employment as a principal factor why people, many of them youths, are engaging in criminal activity.

Kahlel took to Facebook to vent his feelings and share his opinion over the weekend getting more than 45-thousand views.

While some are blaming poverty and unemployment for the crime situation, Ash begs to differ saying that he has lived in poverty, is jobless but never resorted to crime and feels these are excuses which persons use to carry out criminal acts.

Ash, who is aspiring to become an artist said that persons also need to stop blaming the government and take responsibility for their actions.

He said poverty has spurred him to do better and aspire to do greater things in his life, and he is encouraging others to be grateful.

Ash was accepted to begin college on Monday to pursue studies in Arts and Design. Following his Facebook post, many persons have offered to help him to pursue his career goals, some even suggesting that he becomes a motivational speaker.