Daniel Praises Rabacca Friendship Bridge


The constituency of North Windward continues to develop thanks to the existence of the Yuremei/Taiwan friendship bridge at Rabacca.

That’s the conclusion of Montgomery Daniel area representative, as he spoke at a ceremony on Tuesday to commend the work done by the Taiwanese in renovating the bridge.

The road link was officially opened in 2007 thus providing easier access to areas north of the dry river.

Daniel said prior to its construction, residents living in communities above the river found it difficult to get out of north windward but the bridge has facilitated a transformation of the transport system for residents above the dry river.

Daniel said the bridge also facilitates greater use of tourism sites and was heartened at the interest shown by various business entities who want to invest in North Windward and, that these possible developments would not be possible with out the bridge.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Taiwan to SVG, Calvin Ho, said the bridge is a testament to the close friendship between SVG and Taiwan.

Ambassador Ho also thanked OECC, a private Taiwanese company for renovating the hand rails, noting that it enhances the safety of all who have to use the bridge.

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