Government In Talks To Initiate Direct Flights From Europe


The Ministry of Tourism and the SVG Tourism Authority are seeking to attract more visitors from London and other European capitals to SVG as talks continue, to initiate direct flights to SVG.

However, Chief Executive Officer of the SVG Tourism Authority Glen Beache said at a news conference on Wednesday that the challenge of accommodation remains an issue.

Beache who headed a team to a recent road show in the UK, said operations at the Buccament Bay Resort is integral in selling the package to overseas tour operators and airlines.

Beache said they are having talks with Virgin Atlantic Airlines and British Airways with a view to have them operate direct flights to the Argyle International Airport.

He said based on the progress of the negotiations, he is optimistic that one will soon commence flights.

The Tourism Authority CEO reported that SVG has seen an increase in visitor arrivals, which is primarily due to the increase in flights at the AIA.

He saw the recent road show in the UK as a success as more persons were made aware of what SVG has to offer.

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