Early Childhood Educators Sharpen Their ICT Skills


A group of early childhood educators was encouraged to use the knowledge and skills they recently gained to make a meaningful impact on the children they teach.

This as VINSAVE held a graduation ceremony yesterday for 20 teachers who successful completed a basic computer literacy course.

The teachers from VINSAVE, and other early learning centers, were trained to use the Microsoft Office suite of programs, the internet, and flash drive operations

Director of VINSAVE, Janice Fraser, said it is important for teachers to be equipped with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of a changing technological world.

She said the teachers are now better positioned to deliver quality education to the children.

Th Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Project (CARCIP), facilitated the basic computer literacy programme. Its coordinator, Roxanne John, said the training should be considered a stepping stone to greater computer literacy.

She encouraged the teachers to develop the same level of enthusiasm shown by children for computer technology.

Delivering the feature address, Deighton Adams said through ICT, teachers are able to access a vast pool of knowledge which can improve the learning environment.

He said teachers must also continue to learn in order to provide children with the needed guidance

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